Get to Know Your New Roommate

Those first few weeks with a new roommate can be awkward! There’s so much to learn about each other. You have to learn each other’s schedule so you don’t try to hop in the shower at the same time or end up dancing around each other in the kitchen while cooking dinner. Is your roommate down with sharing food? Shoes on or off inside your apartment? Use these tips by BunkUp to speed up the process, so you can get right on to the good times together.

Roommate Date
Be intentional about scheduling some quality time with your roommate. This is a great way to learn more about each other. Plus, you’ll be creating new memories, which will help ignite your bond. Be sure to plan something active like bowling, happy hour, or a cooking class versus an activity where you won’t get to chat much like catching a movie. For extra credit, snap a few selfies of your time together.

What better way to learn all about your new roommate than to meet their friends? Have a small gathering at your new place by inviting over a few of your besties and having your roommate do the same. Meshing your social circles fast tracks the friendship process because you’ll be able to see each other at your most comfortable, surrounded by the folks that care about you the most.

Don’t Hide
It can be tempting to head straight to your room and shut the door after work, but that could give your roommate the wrong idea about you. To keep from looking antisocial, make an effort to greet your roommate when you come home and leave your bedroom door open so they feel comfortable popping their head in and saying hello to you. Don’t be shy about unwinding in common areas. If you roommate sees you making yourself at home on the sofa, they’re more likely to do the same.

Share A Show
Are you and your roommate both into “Game of Thrones?” Awesome. Make plans to watch it together every week. Having a standing night on the schedule that you spend together makes interaction easy, not forced. Also, bonding over a TV show means you’ll always have something to talk about with each other besides whose turn it is to take out the trash.

Grocery Shopping
Going grocery shopping with someone is a great way to learn a lot about them. Not only will you find out whether your new roommate is team Ben & Jerry’s or team Talenti, you’ll also learn whether they’re a healthy eater, like to cook or are a big snacker. Pushing a cart up and down each aisle and standing in line provides plenty of time for talking. You can also decide what kinds of household items you’ll be splitting like toilet paper and dish soap.

Have you tried out any of these tips? What’s your favorite way to get to know your new roommate? Let us know on Facebook. And if you’re still searching for a roommate to get to know, try out our app.