7 Free Apps for Roommates

Your smartphone makes your life so much easier in so many ways, why not use apps to make life with your roommate simpler? These seven apps will keep your shared household running smoothly. And don’t forget, if you need help finding a roommate, BunkUp is the app for that.


Don’t double up on paper towels! It’s super annoying when you grab an 8-pack of paper towels, get home and discover your roommate bought paper towels too. Or worse, when you go to the grocery store, get home and realize you all are out of something you could have totally picked up. Capitan allows you and your roommate to keep a running list of your shopping needs and will give you a little nudge when it senses you’re at the store.


Tired of shuffling money back and forth? Use Splitwise to keep a running tally of shared expenses. Make or receive one big payment instead of a lot of small ones. The app does all of the math for you and even sends out reminders, so you don’t have to be a nag to get paid back on time.


Get all up in your roommate’s business with this shared calendar app. UpTo is technically for organizations and other busy folks, but you and your roommate can use it to get in sync. It buddies up with your other calendars and you can both add important events and info to keep each other in the loop.


Keep the peace – Bring in a maid service to tidy up your apartment. A regular visit from a professional cleaning service is often cheaper than you’d think. The MaidsApp makes it easy to call up a maid on-demand. Choose from three different levels of clean: Quick, Basic and Deep.


Even if you use a maid service, there will certain tasks around the home that you and your roommate will need to share responsibility for. Make sure dirty dishes in the sink don’t pile up with the Chorma app. Chorma allows you to divvy up chores so the same person isn’t always hauling out the trash. There’s also a reward component for motivation.


Ok, this app was designed for couples, but your relationship with your roommate is just as important as any romance happening in your life. If you two can’t see eye-to-eye, Fix-a-Fight can help you resolve your differences. The app has several different options and will walk you through the right steps to take to get back on track.


Don’t let your roommate’s good time keep you from being productive. Download a white noise app like Noisli to help you focus or continue sleeping soundly. There’s several different sounds to choose from and shifting soft lighting to match your mood. Plus you can even blend sounds for your perfect concentration mix. Don’t have your phone handy? Use it on your tablet or your iPad.

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